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You've found a good source of information on both intestinal health issues and colon hydrotherapy. I have established this site as a way of disseminating the knowledge I've acquired over the years and to keep interested parties up-to-date on what's happening in intestinal health research. If that applies to you, Welcome!

I will try to assume no knowledge on the part of visitors to this site because I have found a great deal of misinformation and ignorance in the public consciousness with regard to these topics. You may not know some of the terms used in this introduction, but rest assured, I will delve into each of them completely in due time. You can also with any questions or comments.

The intestines are virtually ignored by most people as a part of the body which needs attention in maintaining good health. They think of it as 'gross.' Instead, I will endeavor to show you the beauty of a system which functions as a foundation for all other systems in the body. Keep in mind that if the foundation is weak, the rest of the structure will be affected accordingly. If you come to understand and appreciate both the delicacy and the intelligence of the digestive system, that understanding will bring you closer to loving it as an integral part of your body. My education, experience and observation indicates that the road to optimal health is in loving 'all' of the body.

In my opinion, the consequence of the general public's attitude toward digestion and elimination, is the growing number of diseases and eating disorders we see in our society today. The gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is, in one view, the beginning (transforms the food we eat into the nutrients and basic building blocks or life energy) and the end (removes the unusable elements and toxins) of the physical body. If any part of the body either fails to receive the nutrients it requires or receives toxins (anything that impedes its ability to function effectively), the beginnings of 'dis-ease' are present. Likewise, the psychological basis of eating disorders has been shown to grow out of a less than positive self-image regarding bodily shape and image.

While I have a business in colon hydrotherapy (otherwise termed colonics, high colonic, colonic irrigation, or colon therapy), and believe that for many it can be a part of the process of returning the colon to a healthful and vigorous state, I would love to see the day arrive when it is no longer needed. The quality of food and the eating habits of the people here on planet Earth have created a situation where the digestive system becomes overburdened and is unable to process and eliminate efficiently. Each person must therefore take personal responsibility for making the changes in their lifestyle to counterbalance the burdening influences.

The two major areas of concentration for returning the body to a healthy state and maintaining it are:

  1. supplementing the nutritional and fiber value of the food we eat and
  2. cleansing the small and large intestines (detoxification).

Most people's colons are not clean enough to allow the efficient absorption of the nutrients by the small and large intestines. Any actions applied to supplementation before the colon is working efficiently will be much less effective if not wasted. Also, other organs which may be in need of cleansing will not be able to cleanse themselves (a feature built into the body) unless the avenues of elimination are open and running smoothly.

Some of the many tools for accomplishing these two objectives are vitamin supplements, herbs and herbal extracts, and chlorophyl for supplementing the diet and raw juicing (and high fluids), fasting, fresh fruits and vegetables, cleansing herbs, yoga and meditation, exercise, and colon hydrotherapy. The cleansing will work to remove mucous, parasites and impacted matter from the intestinal walls. This often gives relief to the many who suffer from constipation, diarrhea or other digestive disorders.

These forms of 'alternative healing' address the cause of disorders rather than the symptoms, allowing the person to experience permanent relief. Once again though, they require a recognition of self-responsibility in making new choices which are life-affirming and they take time! It took years to get the body to the state it is in and while it often takes less time to return it to health (because the system is designed to self-heal), it will most likely take years.

As you can see, realizing intestinal health will not be simply a matter of choosing your preferred cleansing technique, applying it for a few days and voila, you're clean! If you are encouraged by what you read in these pages, sign up for the newsletter and come back often. There is a lot more to come!


If you have any , I'd love to hear them.



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