August 2006
Latest at the Office

What Are Clients Doing? This month I thought I would focus on what some of our clients are doing as well as a trend in Colon Hydrotherapy. As you know, it is important to integrate colon hydrotherapy with herbal cleanses of the intestines, liver, lymph, kidneys and parasites. More and more clients are catching on to this. It allows for a smoother cleanse minus symptoms of toxicity and discomfort that might occur without the colonics.

One program we like is the new Arise and Shine 7-day cleansing package. All herbs to carry out the cleanse are in packets, it is only 7 days, instructions are in the box, diet included. Originally, Arise and Shine had the 28-day cleanse and believe me, many people did this. The 7-day is more manageable for the urban retreaters! We have one client who purchased a series of 8 sessions. The first colonic was the day before he began the 7-day. He is getting a colonic daily for 8 days. Julianne Montano, my colonic colleague at the office, has done the 7-day and she got tons out during one of her colonic sessions. She was in a little disbelief that so much could come out of someone so small! That is the paradox.

We also had another client go for 5 colonics in 5 days while staying at a local resort. She has spent time at We Care Spa so was seasoned in fasting and colon hydrotherapy. She wanted to jump start getting on the wagon again. Her goals are to loose weight and to initiate healthy eating and elimination. She made great progress.

One of our clients wrote a blog for my newsletter a few months ago. She has continued doing the liver cleanses as outlined by Andreas Moritz in his book The Amazing Liver and Gall Bladder Flush. She continues to improve her health and to me, she looks 15 years younger. The clincher in her blog was when she said, 'and all this with three teenagers!'

These cleanses with colonics are very manageable for the urban retreaters. I encourage those of you who want to make some significant progress with your health to tackle one of the herbal cleanses with a colonic program. Give us a call to set up in advance.

School News

The Intestinal Health Institute graduated another class of students in June!

We have 2 notes this month. One, for clients who wish to do an herbal cleanse with colonics, the school session is a great time with a great price. Let us know if you want to be on our list for the student clinics!

And for the students, thoughts on PATIENCE. Patience is a quality that is necessary for a Colon Hydrotherapist to have or cultivate. Very often in our speedy society, students want to fly through the colonic process in all phases. The exact opposite is required, PATIENCE. One is embarking on a new career or refreshing a practice. Patience is required in preparing to attend our school including filling out the application form, having the phone interview, completing the enrollment form and getting the necessary prerequisites started.

Patience is required the whole week of the school training. The learning curve is steep. One learns the equipment, relating to clients, managing time and staying centered, prepared and open to the moment. The student develops an attitude of patience with self as she meets the challenges the new career brings each day of school and then practice. Patience is so necessary working with clients. We allow the intestines to clear in their time not our time. We learn to invoke the relaxation response.

I perform patience daily as I maintain my practice with the public, self and intestines.

Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

I am traveling to Costa Rica during August and it brings up the great question, how am I going to poop while I am traveling? I hear from clients all the time, what can I do to eliminate while traveling or how difficult the trip was because they could not have a BM.

What are our alternatives? I always travel with an enema bag. I set it up in the bathroom. On some trips, I travel with an herbal laxative formula or tea. On my visit to relatives in Cleveland and after my hip surgery, I used magnesium oxide capsules. One of my houseguests recently traveled with herbal laxative tea bags. She had a cup before bed to get her natural movements going. One client mentioned she saved herself in the big outdoors by taking a suppository every AM that was then followed by a good BM. Some days after moving, she would take one more suppository and have another movement.

Traveling is the time when we all want to have fun and relax so getting it out is very important. Some clients come in before and after travel. By doing a series before they travel, they lighten up and improve muscle tone in their gut. For my CR trip, I plan to take the trusty enemas bag and a few herbal laxative capsules. I will use them as my intestines and comfort indicate.

Do you have any thoughts on how you handle elimination while traveling? If you care to share, email and let us know. We will pass the word along in our next installment of How to Travel and Poop!

Julianne's Corner

Recently I picked up a book titled The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy, PhD and DD. Having learned a little about the subconscious mind before, the information about how powerful the subconscious mind is did not come as a surprise. In fact, that is the primary reason I picked up the book. I hope to learn to better utilize the powers OF my human mind rather than my mind using me as a puppet.

What I did learn struck me as fascinating. The subconscious mind controls all the vital processes and functions of the body. In other words, it regulates your heartbeat, circulation of the blood, digestion, assimilation and elimination. For me as a colon hydrotherapist and person who has struggled with constipation for many years, this concept, truth, fact (whatever you want to call it) confirmed that the mind is in fact part of the problem of not being able to eliminate regularly.

It brought me to this place of wonder and questioning - "Just what exactly am I thinking about elimination?" and "What are my beliefs?" It is rather curious to begin asking these questions and not have any 'real solid' information. It is currently a guessing game at best.

The book suggests I can eliminate thoughts of fear, worry, anxiety, hatred, jealously and every other destructive thought. These emotions will tear down and destroy my nerves and glands - the body tissue that is responsible for eliminating waste material.

In addition, I am looking at my rigidness. I notice how I react to situations because I have an idea about how things "should" be. It is a different kind of 'holding on' that probably enhances the constipation.

Anyhow, I hope that this information helps you look into your own patterns of holding - whether you are constipated or not. I believe we are all holding on to something, be it the past, an idea, a past relationship, material items, guilt, regret etc.

Remember: You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, amazing, loving, harmonious, happy and sacred.

With healing for everyone,

Julianne Monta´┐Żo, MPH