December 2006
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Holiday Gift Ideas! We have some great gift ideas for you, your family or friends!

When is the last time you received a Gift Certificate for Colon Hydrotherapy? This is a great time to gift a colonic to someone you know would like to have a session and for some reason, has not called to make an appointment. That person may be a family member, a significant other or a friend. Consider gifting them this experience. Call or email us for your request! Sheila (520)325-9686 and Julianne at (520)548-9222.

We also have a core selection of excellent books relating to intestinal health. Our favorite sellers are Breaking the Vicious Cycle by Elaine Gottschall, Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates, Detoxification by Linda Page, Colon Health by Norman Walker and Cleanse and Purify Thyself by Rich Anderson.

Holiday Hours
The Office will be closed Christmas Eve and Christmas day, New Year's Eve and New Year's day. Have a great Holiday Season!

My Last Colonic: Being Comfortable with Discomfort
I was going to my colonic session at the office and my typical case of pre-colonic nerves came up. Then when I was receiving the colonic and the logjam began breaking up, and I was about to 'let go', I went into my typical reaction of panic. It's a deep feeling in my gut and then in my brain of discomfort. I feel as if I want to run away from it. Then I got this brilliant insight: Why don't I just get comfortable with the discomfort and go through it? I breathed and trusted in my most excellent therapist, Julianne! Lo and behold, I was able to release and stay on the table comfortably until the colonic was finished. The following two days I realized I had a breakthrough. I had relaxed my body and mind and I was eliminating better. I feel that my shift in attitude helped me release unconscious tension, or holding patterns, in my gut. Success. Now I am looking forward to more.

One Correspondent Writes about Her Colonic Experience
A person with whom I have been exchanging email shared her experience and proposed an experiment. We do not have a residential program at our Intestinal Health Institute. However, we do have 'urban retreaters' who come in daily doing a 7-day intestinal cleanse. We are encouraging people to create more sacred space in their life and intestinal health through combining a colon hydrotherapy program with yoga, raw foods, fasting, meditation and other behaviors that bring about inner calm. You would create a daily schedule for 7 days and then stick with it! You can consult with us for any help creating your schedule.

Now for the note:
It would be interesting to compare the effects of a 7 day residential program with 2 sessions a day and the effects of 14 sessions spread over one or two months. In the first case, the one I experienced, the effect was magic and linked to the fact that a fasting program was also applied in a quiet environment without the stress of the daily life.

I was also astonished by the emotional release taking place around the 3rd and 4th days, the feeling of becoming lighter in all aspects.

I do believe that in the first case there is an extra factor that enhances strongly the cleansing.

- DB

School News

The Hydrosan, Colon Hydrotherapy Equipment, For Sale!
We bought it for a detox center but the woman who eventually worked it went to a different style treatment instead. I think it cost over $5000 new. It is about three years old, but has not been used much and not at all for 2 years. It does have filters as well.I have a small private practice in addition to the newsletter. We see all kinds of interesting cases. We would like to get $2950 for it but we are negotiable. It has a brand new pressure gauge. Thanks for putting it out in your newsletter.

- Robert
Robert Jay Rowen, MD
[email protected]
Class Calendar in the New Year!
Is this your year to change professions, to go deeper in learning in the colon hydrotherapy field or to add another service to your practice? Classes for the first six months of 2007 are as follows:

January 16 - January 20
February 12 - February 17
March 12 - March 17
April 23 - April 28
May 14 - May 19
June 4 - June 9

Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

My dear friend, To-Ree-Nee, an artist and energy worker in Tucson AZ, sent me this note about her tracking sessions. This might be the ideal way to bring in the New Year! I did a session with her last year to help with my extreme anxiety that occurred after buying my house and having my left hip replaced. It proved extremely insightful. Tracking is a process that works well in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy in getting the energy moving and in creating a sacred inner space. Here goes...

Tracking Sessions with To-Ree-Nee
Tracking Sessions grew out of my ability to track energy via a combination of several modalities that I've been involved with over the last 25 years: tarot readings, channeling, psycho-drama, shamanic astrology and creating ritual healing space. I liken it to tracking through the woods and through thickets. Sometimes you need help finding a clear path through the underbrush. My intention is to use these intuitive skills to help you move past blockages, to shift time and space to create an opening for clarity, creativity, change and growth.

To set an appointment please call (520) 319-8316 or my cell phone (520) 250-5590. For out of town clients, I can do Sessions over the phone. I charge $150.00 for a 2 hour Session. Because the holidays can be extra stressful, I am offering a special rate of $130.00 for a 2 hour Session for the month of December. Thank you and Bright blessings, To-Ree-Nee ([email protected])

PS from Sheila. To-Ree-Nee is a great artist and muralist. She and her partner have an outstanding gallery in Tucson. Be sure to ask her about it if you are interested. I have 3 of her works of art!

Abdominal Visceral Manipulation Is Coming In 2007!
My brother, Michael Shea PhD, is offering a 4-day Abdominal Visceral Manipulation Workshop in Tucson AZ April 12-15, 2007. I'm putting out advance notice now. All registration is through me. For details, please visit (This link is also available on the home page of my website.) I look forward to a very exciting 4 days with him. The work is so relevant to the intestines, their manipulation and ultimately, moving the inner energy.

Julianne's Corner

I am covering for Julianne this month and the topic is:

Holiday Get Away's
You are ready, I know you are!

This fall I took a wonderful road trip from Tucson AZ to Gila Hot Springs NM led there by my yoga teacher. From Gila, I drove to Santa Fe to join my brother and his wife. While is Santa Fe, we drove to Jemez Hot Springs to visit a friend. We walked his beautiful property that is to become a healing retreat. (I'm ready now!) While is Santa Fe, NM we also received a tour of the marvelous 10,000 Waves - a complete spa facility with all forms of hydrotherapy and massage as well as lodging facilities. Formerly, I visited another hot spring in the Silver City area, Mimbres and made numerous stops at two of the many hot springs in Truth or Consequences, Charles and Riverbend.

I got to thinking about the relationship of hydrotherapy to colon hydrotherapy, that's why I bring this up. Water has been used for thousands of years for healing. Hot springs, cold plunge, sweat lodge, sauna, steam, hot tub, ozonated Jacuzzi, hot packs, cold packs, ginger compresses are a few forms of hydrotherapy. So is colon hydrotherapy.

One of the major uses of hydrotherapy is to release toxins through the skin such as chemicals, drugs and metals. One of the major protocols for releasing drugs through the skin is sauna combined with colon hydrotherapy. When I practiced in Miami FL, clients on drug detox would come and receive colon hydrotherapy after their sauna session. This includes nicotine.

You might want to gear your next vacation around hydrotherapy in some way. You could do a tour of hot springs of your area or stay at 10,000 Waves for a long weekend. The idea would be to come home refreshed rather than recovering from your vacation! To feel best, remember to have a plan for 'pooping while traveling'! Please feel free to give us feedback on our newsletters, subjects you would like to read more about or questions your have about colon hydrotherapy.

Have a great holiday season!