February 2008
Latest at the Office

January got off to a great start. Many came in and did cleanses of the liver and intestines using herbs and colon hydrotherapy.

One person fasted five days, with a colonic and 5 psyllium and bentonite shakes daily. We had a big breakthrough in terms of ability to release on day four. Often, the redundant bowel has extra twists, turns and length and is more difficult to cleanse.

I continue to work with the obese and overweight more successfully. However, the client perseveres and does the work. I get insight on how to help the release. One client has had the lap band, or ring, put around his stomach making the stomach smaller and thus restricting the size of the food portions that he can eat. His weight has gone from 380 to 320 lbs. He is doing a series of 25 sessions and had his big breakthrough release around the fourteenth colonic. That is perseverance.

Initially, with the obese or the overweight, I start them laying on their left side, which allows for much better results removing the gas and stool.

One man, 36 years old and 265 lbs, was inspired to lose weight to become a better role model for his children. That inspires me. He has started his series of 5 and is working through some of the discomfort of waste breaking up and moving out.

I find that the overweight and obese have the tendency to hold on to waste. Therefore, it takes longer plus perseverance on their part to have the breakthrough of ancient history leaving.

Products We Now Offer
Many have asked about the products that I am selling at the office. I want to streamline it to what is best and essential for the gut. I now include enema bags, Paleogreens (a natural electrolyte formula with grasses, algaes, veggies, berries and enzymes), probiotics (the good bacteria), and the Arise & Shine 7-day Cleanse. I have a number of books related to diet and cleansing including Breaking the Vicious Cycle, a diet for inflammatory bowel disease and auto-immune conditions and Cleanse and Purify Thyself 1 and 2, an extraordinary background and research on cleansing.

Check Out this Article in Fitness Plus
Some of my dear friends, Garrett Smith NMD (doctorasteacher.com) and his wife, Cori referred me to a local magazine, Fitness Plus, for their profile on 'elderly who lead an active life.' Well, I'm elderly now, I guess, at 64 years old.

I have a history of eating disorders. The article brings that out. I realized at a young age that I had to get my eating under control in order to heal my constipation and other digestive problems. The eating disorders and food addictions aggravated and threw out of rhythm my intestinal health. I encourage each of you continue to heal your eating patterns so that you can move into a greater state of health. Many clients jumpstart their changes with colon hydrotherapy or use it for a morale boost in their changes. When people feel their gut full and overburdened they lose incentive to change. Colon hydrotherapy is a good way to create the foundation for positive change. It gets the energy moving in the right direction. You learn to let go on many levels.

You can read the full article here: Healing Through the Fine Arts (PDF)

Part-Time Colon Hydrotherapist Position Opening at Office
I am putting out the word that I would like to have a part time practitioner of colon hydrotherapy work with me at the office. If interested, please fill out our application form (PDF), or contact me at (520) 325-9686 for further information. This is a great opportunity!

Continuing Education

My brother, Mike Shea PhD, is visiting again this year to present exciting new material in his workshop Trauma Resolution Skills. For colon hydrotherapists it offers a missing piece of information. How do we recognize and work with trauma in ourselves and others? The workshop is designed for those who work physically with others, including massage and cranial sacral therapists, home health care practitioners, rolfers, medical assistants, nurses, naturopaths, osteopaths, chiropractors and medical doctors. The work is helpful for practitioners across many fields.

The dates are April 10-13 of 2008 at the Randolph Park Hotel and Suites.

I have good news for out-of-towners, the hotel is offering suites with full kitchen at $89 per night and rooms at $69 per night. The hotel has a workout room, pool and is near a big city park. The is a breakfast buffet daily! If you are calling from out of the country, phone (520) 795-0330. The group rate is listed under Trauma Resolution.

The course is certified by the NCBMTB. Each student completing the course receives 26 continuing education hours. Classes are held 9:00am - 5:00pm daily.

For information and registration contact: Sheila Shea, Director of Intestinal Health Institute Spa and School and the course sponsor at 4427 E. 5 Street, Tucson, AZ 85711. Or call (520) 325-9686.

This is Michael's description of the course.

As a result of September 11, 2001 and other world events, stress and/or emotional trauma have increased in our clients. When threatened or injured by shock or traumatic stress, the body and the nervous system respond by dissociating, stiffening and/or collapsing. These unconscious defense strategies immobilize the body and brain to prevent further threat or injury.

If these somatic patterns of dysfunction and held stress in the musculoskeletal system are not given an opportunity to reorient to a functional, integrated midline (spinal relaxation, tissue flexibility, etc.) a myriad of symptoms may occur. Some of these are anxiety, depression, insomnia, visceral dysfunction, chronic pain, headache and other adaptive responses. Current research in the field affirms that these are the most intelligent compensations the body can make when in a state of overwhelm.

When skillful observation of the client's autonomic nervous system is made and hands-on work is applied gradually, stored stress in the sympathetic nervous system is given the opportunity to release. Tissue vibration, body trembling, accelerated heart rate, sweating and other autonomic phenomena may indicate release.

In this workshop, you will learn a new approach to add to your existing hands-on practice called "neuroaffective touch." This is crucial for the successful resolution of trauma imprinting in the brain and body. Our focus will be practical application of new research with hands-on work to increase clinical effectiveness for a wide variety of musculoskeletal problems. Note that emotional release work will not be taught.

Educational Goals:
  • Understand the stress response between the brain and the body.
  • Learn the relationship of the autonomic nervous system to the musculoskeletal system.
  • Study the neuroscience of the client-therapist relationship.
  • Recognize the complementary role of hands-on therapies in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress disorder in conjunction with licensed mental health providers.
We can take up to 36 students. Email or call. We would love to have you participate in this innovative workshop.

Trauma Resolution Skills Workshop flyer (PDF)


Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

Herb of the Month
What's on my mind this month? Well, I'll tell you. I love elderberries. I live on the Rillito river in Tucson AZ and the elderberry trees grow naturally along the banks of the river. I like them so much I decided to buy an elderberry tree for my backyard. It has been full of surprises. It did nothing for one year and then last winter in February like a miracle it grew from 2 feet to about 8 feet tall in a few weeks. Then it sprouted beautiful umbels of white flowers. The next stage is the little dark blue sweet berries!

Scene Two
I am reading my favorite new book on the gut, Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Natasha Campbell-McBride MD. In a special chapter on 'Detoxification for People with Gut and Psychology Syndrome' she has a section on Black Elderberry. Did that sing to my heart. Here's a passage from the book:
"Medicinal properties of this plant have been appreciated for centuries. Its flowers, berries, leaves and bark were traditionally used for treating colds, pneumonia, flu, sore throat, hay fever, wounds, eye infections and many other ailments. In England the berries are still used for making elderberry wine, in Scandinavia the flowers are used for making elderflower cordial. Black Elderberry has strong immune-stimulating properties and it is one of the most powerful anti-viral remedies known to man." (p 206)

She continues with how to collect and the dosage. She encourages people during the winter, the cold and flu season, to use a teaspoon a day in tea or juices. Flowers and berries can be used. I made my way to the health food store and found that Alvita has a box of elderberry tea bags. I love the tea and have been drinking it regularly throughout our Tucson winter. How about the big anti-viral property!

"The flowers also have strong immune-stimulating properties. Use them as a tea to remedy colds, flu and fever. The same tea can be used topically on wounds and grazes, sunburn, frostbites and sore eyes. It is also a traditional remedy for hay fever." (p 207)
Also, the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet is indicated as a natural treatment for dyspraxia (clumsiness), autism, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., dyslexia, depression and schizophrenia. It is similar to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and takes that diet to a new level. Zero tolerance for complex carbohydrates, going organic, drinking raw juices and not using chemicals in the diet. I found the book at www.bodyecologydiet.com. The author is a nutritionist and neurologist in London in practice with her husband. Feedback in the book and from clients is that the young kids love the raw juices, so get on the bandwagon! What a healthy beverage.

Be in touch. I love hearing from you. Hang in there in this time of change.

Sheila Shea