July 2006
Latest at the Office

Summer is a great time to cleanse. It's hot! Hot weather supports a light fare of fluids, preferably water, herb teas and raw juices, and the basics, fruits and vegetables. We are finding that more and more clients are looking for an 'urban retreat,' a place where they can go on an outpatient basis and focus for five to seven days on taking specific care of themselves.

One of our latest school graduates runs a great 'urban retreat' in Bangkok, Thailand. See www.rasayanaretreat.com. The retreat offers various services and an environment that is a sanctuary, a resting place for the harried, busied city folk.

Over the summer, we would like to offer people the possibility of a five or six day liver/gall bladder cleanse and/or the seven-day Arise and Shine intestinal cleanse. Alternatively, choose another program that you have always wanted to do, or repeat a cleanse that has worked for you, or do some programs sequentially. You could do a week intestinal cleanse and then choose another week to do the liver/gall bladder cleanse. Some of you might want to do raw foods and juices only for one week and that would be ideal for you. You would do the herbal cleansing and dietary program in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy sessions.

Very often, people undertake an herbal cleanse and feel lousy. When questioned, they say they did not do any colonics or enemas to accompany the herbal cleanse. The waste backed up in their intestines and into the body. Not pleasant. Enemas may supplement the colon hydrotherapy series.

One practitioner we know guides people through a five-day liver cleanse. She has them take colonics on days one, two, three and five. It is suggested with the Arise and Shine seven-day program to do daily cleansing.

With our program, you would do a concentrated program for a week with regular colon hydrotherapy, a specific herbal cleanse, and diet that works for you and brings you to a new place. Hey, you might even fast!

We will consult with you on coming up with a cleanse, the products and the dates of the colon hydrotherapy. The purpose of your cleanse will also be to bring about greater relaxation in your life and do some behavior modification that will calm your mind and emotions and give you inspiration. You will create a mini-vacation in our urban retreat.

I want to encourage the urban retreaters to do daily meditation and take a yoga class. Make an intention for yourself before you begin. Contemplate it during your week.

School News

The Intestinal Health Institute graduated another class of students in June!

As we continue to educate in the field of colon hydrotherapy, we add to the curriculum. We now offer units in Breathing, Centering and Stretching and Yoga. We all enjoyed the first 45-minute yoga class before our busy day with lecture and clients began! It is important for the students and for us as practitioners to be calm with our clients and ourselves. These new classes bring the elements of peace, calm and self-nurturing into our consciousness. We hope to provide an environment for our clients that allow them the same inner quiet.

We want to thank all of our clients who volunteered to be 'guinea pigs' for the students. They are light-hearted, patient and humorous! They enjoy the experience with the students. Let us know if you want to be on our call list for the next class.

Classes are forming for the fall. Please let anyone you know that is interested in training from our state-licensed School (www.sheilashea.com/school/index.html ) to get in touch with us. Our catalog in online at the site!

Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

Never a dull moment! I received an email from Heather Fougnier who has a series of websites devoted to healing eating disorders especially Bulimia, my old addiction. She asked if she could interview me for her Blog. We set up a date to have a phone interview and enjoyed our near hour conversation. The blog she wrote based on our conversation is at transcendbulimia.com/archives/106

I encourage you to read it over and see if anything resonates there for you. In addition, I welcome your feedback.

People ask if I see many anorexics and bulimics. My answer: NO. The 'eating disorders' I see in my colonic practice are mainly overeating and bingeing, and an over focus on thinking about food day and night. The next rung down on the ladder of eating disorders would be food addiction. These disorders seem to be one of the largest obstacles to people improving their health. No, I don't smoke cigarettes but I have to have my cake and ice cream every night.

Doing my last five-day liver cleanse, I lost my taste for chocolate. Now I ask you, what kind of miracle is that? The point here is that a cleansing program for five to seven days is enough for some people to help them shift their eating patterns. Most people can manage for five to seven days to do something very healthful for themselves. That's why we are offering the summer cleansing programs concentrated in one week. You have the potential of shifting your health vibration to a higher level.

Julianne's Corner

This month I decided to attend an energy-healing workshop in Taos, NM. It was a weekend trip and a beautiful place to learn. The workshop was filled with exercises to hone our ability to perceive and sense energy. It was challenging to maintain a focus while at the same time trying to sense something I could not see, hear, nor feel.

Over Fourth of July Weekend, I will be celebrating with friends in California and then taking some time to research different colon hydrotherapist offices. One of my appointments is in Santa Monica and the other is in Beverly Hills. Look for a critique in our next newsletter!

In August (8/25-9/1), I will attend a 7-day yogic cleansing fast in Rhinebeck, NY at the Omega Institute.

Lastly, I will be speaking at these two engagements:

The 'Holistic Mom's Network'
Monday, July 17, 2006 at 2:30pm.
See announcements in the Tucson Weekly.

Dr. Keifer's Monthly Talk
Thursday, July 20, 2006 from 6:00pm-7:00pm at St. Francis in the Foothills.

Hope you are having a pleasant summer and that you will allow yourself to listen to your bodies.

Please call us to schedule another appointment when you are ready.

With healing for everyone,

Julianne Monta´┐Żo, MPH