May 2006
Latest at the Office

New Equipment

We are excited to announce that we have installed new equipment at our office. It is Swiss-designed, beautiful, gives excellent cleansing results, has pressure and gravity modes and of course has a state-of-the-art filtration system. We invite you to come in and give it a try!

New Pricing and Policies

Beginning July 1, 2006, our prices will increase. People have until June 30, 2006 (two months) to take advantage of the current pricing.

New Prices are as Follows:

1 session $75
3 sessions $219 ($73)
5 sessions $360 ($72)
8 sessions $560 ($70)
10 sessions $680 ($68)

You will notice that we have added and deleted a few packages. We offer new packages for three (3) and eight (8). The eight (8) and ten (10) packs can also be shared with a friend or partner.

Another change is the amount of time you have to use the package. Formerly, packages were valid for one year. Now packages will be honored for five (5) months. We find that clients do better when their sessions are closer together.

School News

Classes are filling for the summer and fall. We are now training on new equipment that is Swiss-designed. It is called the Aquanet.

We get many clients from Sierra Vista, Benson, Bisbee, Nogales, Sedona, Yuma and Douglas. We would love to train Colon Hydrotherapists for each city so they may better serve their local population. If you know people in these cities, please spread the word and refer them to our school site for complete information on our state-licensed school and how to apply.

Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

Notes from the Constipation Club:
It's almost a year since I've had my left hip replacement surgery. I knew I couldn't get a colonic or enema for awhile so I decided to use magnesium oxide. Within a few weeks I built a tolerance and noticed that I got mildly bloated while taking it.

In the last few weeks, a colleague gave us a sample of an herbal/nutritional laxative formula by a well-known company. I tried them, one or two a night for a few weeks to get a sense of how they work and how I would feel. Truth has it that I felt 'dirty' after using them. My gut did not feel cleaned out and I felt slightly bloated. I felt like I needed to take an enema or colonic.

I'm back to water. I feel the best after taking an enema or a colon hydrotherapy session. I feel fully relieved, out of pain or discomfort if that is what I am experiencing at the time, lighter and clean. What a discovery that something as simple as water gives me a better cleanse and better feeling than using the laxatives.

The Characteristics of Thin People (Whoever They Are!)
I was flipping through a new AARP magazine at the office one day and came across an article on the characteristics of thin people. Imagine that. One characteristic caught my eye. Thin people do not feel they have to give in to hunger immediately. They can go for a period of time feeling hungry.

I got to thinking about that. When I had my eating disorders and food addiction, I was driven by food. Now that I have right relation with food, I feel that characteristic of 'thin people' - when I feel hunger, I do not immediately have to run and feed myself. I can drink more water, breath or just contemplate hunger or contemplate world hunger. Think about it.

Julianne's Corner

Being passionate about something in life is what some people wish for. I am thankful that I am passionate about more than one thing - the environment, nature, social and political justice, education, equality, healthy human beings, happiness and freedom. What I feel called to dedicate the majority of my energy to is helping people heal. In my journey of discovering more about taking care of the body, mind and spirit—what I've come to believe and learn is that the centerfold of all health begins in the colon.

What I find is that day after day I educate people about the significance of caring for the colon - of proper nutrition, exercise, and colonics (or at least enemas)—and what I find is that no matter what I say, or how I say it, it seems that maybe 3% of our clients really "get" what I'm talking about and are willing and ready to embrace and integrate colonics into their lifestyles for preventive care.

So, for this months 'corner', I'd like to pose a few questions and I invite you to pause after each one and answer it as honestly as you can. Please keep in mind that my intention is to discover what prevents people from making a commitment to caring for themselves. What is it that stops you from coming in seasonally? Where does your resistance lie?

Please email me at [email protected] with your insights, comments or complaints. What do you think you need to know or understand that would help you make the shift in mindset or willingness to integrate colonics into your preventive care?

Here are the questions. Remember to take pause, be honest and have fun!
  1. When all is said and done, what is most important to you—family, wealth, power, health, sex, food, work?
  2. Whose responsibility is it to take care of you—the doctor, the acupuncturist, massage therapist, your husband, wife, kids or YOU?
  3. When was the last time you actually stopped long enough to do something nurturing for yourself?
  4. Do you honor the needs of your body, mind and spirit?
  5. Do you think you are healthy? Honestly?
  6. What do you think it feels like to be healthy?
  7. Do you listen to your body's signals or are you an expert at ignoring your body? Do you pride yourself in living with your pain?
  8. How often can you say "No" to the world and "Yes" to yourself?
  9. How much pain and suffering will you have to undergo before you admit that perhaps your health needs some attention?
  10. Why does it make sense to change your car oil and air filters but cleansing your colon is too hard to wrap your head around?
  11. When you wake up each morning, do you feel energetic and ready to meet the day?
  12. Do you buy into the thinking that when you get older your body breaks down?
  13. Does it make sense to continue to give, give, give of yourself and not ever give back to yourself? If you were a bank, you'd go bankrupt. Why do many people choose to live this way and do so with a chip on their shoulder as if they're doing so much good for the world? Can you really give what you don't have?
  14. What would it take in order to stimulate you to make some changes in your lifestyle?