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Hi Everyone,

We have had weeks of wind in Tucson AZ! It has raised particulates in the air and has made me mildly edgy, being a vata type in the Ayurvedic or Indian medicine paradigm. Vata types are governed by their nervous system. So, between my sinuses and my edginess, it has been quite a beginning to spring in the Sonoran desert. See Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing by Vasant Lad to understand more about Ayurvedic medicine.

Wind and edginess are somewhat of a theme in this newsletter. I cover the super deal again, more on gas, difficult colonics and finally some interesting links to check out.

By the way, I am impressed by the resolve of my clients. In just the past few weeks, I have had many do a 6-day liver and gallbladder flush, the Arise and Shine 7-day cleanse of the GI tract, and a few doing the Master Cleanse.

Stanley Burroughs outlines the Master Cleanse in his book The Master Cleanser. It is a fast using specific quantities of lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne in pure water for approximately 10 days. One woman was on her twelfth day, the other on her fifteenth day. The 12-day woman was motivated by severe and uncontrolled depression. I asked her what happened to the depression. She said it was gone after the fifth day. Hmmm!

The 'Economic Colonic' Is Back!

If you have not taken advantage of this great offer, now is your big opportunity. Once again, I am offering the colon hydrotherapy sessions for $49.95 from the time the newsletter comes out to May 22, 2009. It's a deal of a lifetime! You may pass this on to your family and friends. The key is to mention the 'economic colonic' in order to get the price reduction. You can also purchase a series of them at the reduced rate.

Deflation - Inflation!

In this age of the 'economic colonic' I thought it important to write about inflation and deflation. I have written about GAS before and here it is again. Clients come in 'inflated.' It's hard to get anything out of the large intestines or colon because the high volume gas serves as an obstruction. Most clients who experience a release of this excessive gas are not aware that they have this high volume. What I am referring to is that 95% of what is released during the session is GAS, not stool, mucus or particles. The state of being full of gas I call 'inflation.'

When this happens, I have the client go from their back to a left side position called Left Sims. We use a slightly higher inflow rate and the gas pours out on each outflow. I 'deflate' the person. Deflation refers to the reduction of gas during the colonic procedure.

Gas is the effluent created by pathogenic bacteria and fungi that feed on your consumption of complex sugars. Read foods based on grains, beans, starchy roots such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, yams, and white sugar and milk products. Gas may also be created by bacterial and fungal imbalances caused by antibiotics and steroids. Elaine Gottschall in her book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, describes the diet and science to alleviate the gas situation.

Excessive gas weakens the walls of the gut. Gas can stretch the intestines creating redundancy, or extra lengths, loops, coils and prolapses in the gut. In its most severe form, it can twist the loops of the bowel. Even more reason to avoid creating gas. It will also sap your energy. Your food is not being converted into your energy. It is converted to gas and acids. You wonder why you feel fatigue.

Change the diet, add the good bacteria or probiotic and begin to reduce the gas.

So when it comes to the gut, what do we want? I would take deflation over inflation for obvious health reasons.

Now, here is another spin on inflation and deflation that is positive and something you can practice on the colonic table as well as every living moment. The breath. Inhalation is the inflation. Exhalation is the deflation. Stay focused on that. The inflation creates spaciousness in the gut and energy. The deflation creates a sense of relaxation. You are exercising your gut. That's a good thing!

When the Dam Breaks

Clients respond differently to their first colonic sessions. Also, clients come in presenting with different backgrounds and conditions. A few have the experience on their first session or sessions of a big mass of impacted waste dislodge and create a sense of urgency and discomfort both physically and psychologically.

The gut sends messages to the brain; the feeling center is activated. Old programming has the opportunity to be released. Old emotions, memories or physical discomfort may pass.

Sometimes it is easier to have the client get off the table and use or integrate the restroom with the colonic and eliminate in the restroom. The client may finish the session in the restroom or return to the colonic.

Some want to chip away at cleansing little by little. Others want to dive into the experience.

Handling the 'urgency' well is important. Also, preparation is important. However, some cases are so impacted that even with proper preparation, one is overcoming years of sluggishness, constipation, weak gut muscles, physical or sexual abuse and a host of other conditions. The key is to hang in. You do transform!

Anger, Impatience and Irritability

That pretty much describes my emotions and state of mind during some of my recent 6-day liver and gall bladder flush. I based it on the protocol by Andreas Moritz in his book, The Liver and Gall Bladder Miracle Cleanse. Moritz writes that one of the most common causes of liver and gall bladder stones is emotional stress.

The book goes into detail on the liver and gall bladder, the importance of the organs and their cleansing. Page 114 reveals the details of the butt-kicking liver and gall bladder cleanse. At the same time that I was doing it, at least 5 other clients came in doing the same cleanse. It was timely!

Maybe I did not clear out the liver and gallstones the book describes but I sure began clearing out some of my emotional stones! I plan to repeat the cleanse in the next few weeks now that I have the protocol down and do it with more consciousness of my states. And, the big winner in this flush was my gut. I am pooping better in the morning. Now that's progress.

A Retreat in the Sonoran Desert at My Home

Some of you might want some time to yourself to heal, to rest, to cleanse, to restore. I have a 2nd floor bed/bath that is private. My home is close to the Rillito River Park for walking and cycling. I can guide you on a simple raw food or Specific Carbohydrate Diet and provide colonics and massage.

Be in touch if this is something you would like to do for yourself. We can work out the details in our conversation.

A YouTube Colonic! Indulge Yourself!

A friend sent this one my way, a YouTube video on colon hydrotherapy. I happen to know the clinic where it was filmed. It is the Tummy Temple in Seattle WA, a great place. The video is about 20 minutes long and is a fun view.

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