October 2009
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Sheila's Blog (or Glog - Gut Log)

So, what's been happening these last few weeks? It seems there is never a dull moment. Lots of info packed into this newsletter from specials to articles. The food industry has been taking heat. Some of my friends have a few products that I think are great. You'll get those links and much more.

What Have Clients Been Doing?

I am very impressed with some of the cleansing going on. Four people in the past few weeks have undertaken the Andreas Moritz 6-day liver flush. It's really 7 days. One person is using www.fasting.com and was on day 23 of a 56-day fast. Add 10 days to that, 5 days on either side eating only fruits and veges. The 39-year old is highly motivated and rides his bike to and from work each day. Another client fasted 7 days and used the Arise & Shine 7-day kit ingredients to cleanse his GI system. He gave his system a break and lost a few needed pounds.

This only scratches the surface with changes clients are making. Many are incorporating more raw food into their lifestyle; others are beginning a consistent workout program and using their bodies productively and daily rather than opting for hand-to-mouth exercise only.

This is the time; this is your life and your health. Continue to opt for the best possible health choices you can make. The rewards are great.

How Was Our Raw Food Workshop Held August 29th?

The feedback has been excellent and Julianne and I put a lot of planning into the event. The actual title was Integrating Raw Food into Your Diet. We prepared a lasagna, marinara sauce with spiralized zucchini, honey-mustard dressing from cashews, a metal detox pesto, a salad with a wide variety of local sprouts and some of Trader Joe's best organic greens and to top it off, the dessert sweet, Bliss Balls! So, we had lunch and dessert!

One participant wrote us a very sweet note.

Hi Sheila and Julianne,

Thanks so much for the workshop today. I had the best time. It was a good group of ladies and the food was really delicious. I loved listening to your dialogue - the two of you are so knowledgeable and work well together – I could listen to you for hours. The food prep was really interesting and I can't wait to try a couple of the recipes. I also was looking at the Pistachio Lime Hummus on Julianne's website and need to try that one too. (I've made a Pistachio and Avocado Pesto that was really yummy too!)

I also wanted to thank you, Sheila, for opening your home to us, and for such a great day. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

Take Care,

Thank you, Lori, for such kind words. And, yes, Julianne and I are planning sequels of our original Raw Food Workshop! Next time, recipes that can be made in 5-10 minutes. No excuses now.

Due to Big Demand, the Economic Colonic is Back!

Our big value, the Economic Colonic, is priced at $49.95 from the day you receive this newsletter until November 8, 2009. Such a deal! People have really taken advantage of this to purchase a series in advance, to use with various cleanses, diet changes, fasts, and to pass the great news on to friends. The key is to mention the words, Economic Colonic and you've got a deal. And, we will be happy!

Retreats at My Home

I continue to offer my second floor guest bedroom and bath to one or two people who would like to retreat, cleanse, heal or unplug in general for a short period. I can teach the raw food or Specific Carbohydrate Diet for those that are interested. I can guide you through a GI or liver cleanse and provide colon hydrotherapy and massage. Please be in touch if you are interested.

Office Space for Rent

I have a beautifully appointed, spacious room for rent for the right practitioner. I prefer someone with an active practice. We are centrally located. There are kitchen, foyer, office and library facilites. I would love to hear from the right person. Call or email Sheila at 520-325-9686 or [email protected].

Celiac Disease: Something to Get Under Control Today.
Read this article about Celiac Disease at About.com.

I am including this article on Celiac because it is so important to raise awareness of Celiac as a serious GI health impairment. Celiac is very often asymptomatic or people are not aware of the symptoms if they do have them. It is underdiagnosed. Best testing is at www.enterolab.com.

Healthy Pets
by Byron Lindey

I feel honored that Sheila invited me to write a blurb to be included in her fantastic newsletter! As we learn more about cleansing and purifying our own bodies through good nutrition, many of us are also wanting to be conscious of what we feed our pets, especially given that most conventional pet foods use the worst-of-the-worst ingredients! I am pleased to be able to offer all-natural pet treats here in Tucson through Happy Pet Organics.

We have simple jerky treats made from free-range, human-grade meats, with no preservatives, fillers, or other ingredients, as well as jerky wrapped around dried banana, sweet potato, mango or apple. The second style is dehydrated cookie treats. These come in organic grain or grain-free varieties, but never contain wheat, soy or corn. Creative options include apple cinnamon, peanut butter banana, flaxseed/beef, buffalo, blueberry muffin, and "breath savers."

It's exciting to me that we're raising the bar of consciousness for what we're feeding our furry friends as well as ourselves! If you're interested in checking out local businesses selling these products, please contact me at [email protected] or at 327-1435. Many blessings!
Isn't he cute??

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler:
"The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite"

A client tipped me off to reading Kessler's End of Overeating. Do you have any of these characteristics around food: loss of control, lack of satiation, and a preoccupation with thinking about foods? Check out his interview with Amy Goodman. You are not alone. I used to have all these characteristics especially when I was bulimic. I have been freed from the demons now.

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that the direct medical costs of obesity total about $147 billion a year. That amounts to nine percent of all US medical costs. It's also over $50 billion more than the annual spending on cancer.

Read more at Democracy Now.

Greenstar Juice Extractor GS-3000 For Sale

One of my clients sent me an email and asked if I would post the sale of her juicer in my newsletter. She gave me quite a few details and I will post some of them here. By the way, this is the premier juicer for greens.

New: $499 Asking: $285 BARELY USED

Juices fruit, vegetables, and wheatgrass. It comes with lots of bells and whistles. In beautiful, perfect working condition. Contact Nadine at 881-4939 or [email protected] for more details.

Op-Ed Contributor: Big Food vs. Big Insurance

The American way of eating has become the elephant in the room in the debate over health care. Read more in Michael Pollan's excellent September 9th article at www.nytimes.com.

This is another must read, an article forwarded by my brother Mike. Yes, there is heat in the food industry. Make your best choices.

A Wonderful Note from a Grateful Client
(The Soy Mocha Yesterday!)

Hi Sheila,

I wanted to thank you for the hydrotherapy session with you a couple of weeks ago. The outcome is very refreshing. I feel relaxed, my core feels healthy and I am more active. I admire your work and it takes special people to do the kind of work you do. I am trying to stay away from chocolate. I thought I had succeeded then I realized I had a soy mocha yesterday. The good news is that I am eating organic. I have a feeling I will be seeing you in the next couple of months, as part of my weight loss regime.

Thank you again,

M is a 33-year old female, 5'4” and 175 lbs. She came in originally in October of 2008 and then had 2 sessions close together in August of 2009. On her first visit, I noted that she was sugar addicted and not highly motivated. On her last visit, she was asking questions and had quite an interest in making changes. Now that's a transformation. She has a winning attitude. Good luck, M and I look forward to seeing you again.

Great Resources

Hana Shirt Company logo Ann Marie Roth logo
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These are super vintage Hawaiian shirts.
I have 2 of them. Go for it!
A great resource in New Mexico,
from raw foods to colonics.

OK, for those of you who made it to the end, I have another gift. The first caller, 520-325-9686, or first emailer, [email protected], will receive my used and in excellent condition, copy of The Cleanse Cookbook by Christine Dreher originally published in 1997. Launch a new dietary regime and enjoy!

Be in touch,
Sheila Shea

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