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Welcome to healing your intestines naturally. Research indicates that when you heal your gut you heal your body. The gut is the core of your metabolism. Through colon hydrotherapy you can cleanse your large intestines of stool, gas, mucus and pathogenic microorganisms. The colon hydrotherapy activates your parasympathetic nervous system of rest and relaxation. Sheila Shea MA has been in practice 42 years and has a world of experience. Being a licensed massage therapist as well as a colon therapist, Sheila accompanies the colonic with abdominal massage including eastern and wester techniques. She is proficient working with challenging cases!

Ms Shea offers intestinal nutrition counseling and detoxification program for those that want to accompany their session with greater support. Sheila is a Certified GAPS™ ( Practitioner and has knowledge of numerous metabolic-healing diets including Ketogenic, Paleolithic and Plant-based nutrition.

We want your visit to be relaxing, educating and nurturing to your intestinal health. You begin that by turning on your parasympathetic nervous system of ‘rest and relax’ primarily through breathing. The breathing is a slow count in and out plus a focus on the lower bowel. This consistent slow and lower bowel pelvic breathing is able to release traume. The session is your time to relax and transform. Your nervous system will thank you.

Many resources are available on this page to allow for your best experience.

Below is a brief outline of the contents of this page.

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Your Therapist 

Sheila Shea at the office.
Sheila Shea

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Making An Appointment

Email. text or call for an appointment.
I look forward to hearing from you!


My sessions are by appointment. On the first session, you may arrive 20 minutes early to fill out the Health Questionnaire. For your convenience and to save you the 20 minutes, you are able to download the Health Questionnaire, fill it out at your convenience and bring it to the office completed on your first visit. I review the Questionnaire with you before your session.

Colonoscopy Preparation Using Colon Hydrotherapy

Patients now have the opportunity to use colon hydrotherapy as a preparation for Colonoscopy. The results are more effective and comfortable. The Intestinal Health Institute offers you 2 options to prepare your colon or large intestines for your Colonoscopy.

Two schedules to prepare your bowel for examination:

Schedule One
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 1 is 2 days prior to exam.
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 2 is 1 day prior to exam.
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 3 is the morning or afternoon of the exam.

Schedule Two
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 1 is 7 days prior to exam
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 2 is 3 days prior to exam
• Colon Hydrotherapy Session 3 is the afternoon/evening prior to the exam

If you feel you do not have a productive session by the second colonic or within a day before your colonoscopy, you might want to reschedule your colonoscopy. You want to put yourself in the best position to have a successful colonoscopy. The therapist cannot determine whether the colonoscopy will be successful. However, with the therapist, the client uses his/her best judgment as to rescheduling. In the event of rescheduling a colonoscopy appointment, you continue a colonic protocol until you are cleansed.

This colon hydrotherapy approach is the healthiest known way to cleanse the colon prior to a colonoscopy and is now being used in hospitals. Danbury Connecticut Hospital has made it the top choice for colonoscopy preparation.


Visa, MasterCard and Discovercard Accepted

One Session$80
Three (3) Sessions $220
Five (5) Sessions $300
Ten (10) Sessions $500
Half Year Concierge $750
Year Concierge $1500

Package Sessions Expire in Five Months

No Refunds


Implants and Additives

Implants and additives may be used during the session and are supplied by the client. Remember that colon hydrotherapy is a 'hydro' therapy, a therapy using water. If something is added to the water during the session that is an additive. If the client retains a substance after the colonic that is called an implant. Key substances are coffee, wheat grass and probiotic.

Additives $10 Implants $20

I am centrally located in the city of Tucson, Arizona at
4427 East Fifth Street west of Swan and east of Columbus Roads.

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As you enter the office, the Health Questionnaire is to the immediate right on the table. You may fill it out at the office or download the form and bring it in already completed.

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Colon Hydrotherapy - an Alternative Bowel Prep for Colonoscopy

Introductory Brochures
Many of you want to know what a colon hydrotherapy session is like. I have two introductory brochures to answer many of your preliminary questions about the process. Click on Basic Info on the Navigation Bar for Sheila's Introductory Brochure. Click Introductory Brochure to read a colleague's information on Colon Hydrotherapy.

How do I prepare for a Colon Hydrotherapy session?
To make your session easier, I have written an article that gives you abundant information on HowTo Prepare. Click on How To Prepare to make your sessions that much better!

What about after the colonic, what can I expect?
Once again, click on the hot text and you can read over What To Expect After your first and subsequent colonics. It's not always the same for everyone however it gives you substantial background to guide you after you have received colon hydrotherapy.

The insertion of the speculum, what's that like?
The insertion of the speculum is the big event that both first time clients and beginning students of colon hydrotherapy all wonder about. The speculum is about 3/4 " in diameter, well lubricated and inserted very gently 2-4 " into the anus by well-trained practitioners. Some states require self-insertion and the therapist guides you in the insertion. In other states, the therapist makes the insertion. In either case, the insertion is done very gently. In some instances, you will be asked to rest on your left side for the insertion. In other instances, you may be asked to bring your knees to your chest, holding your knees lightly with your hands. Breathing deeply and easily into the lower abdomen is a breath we encourage during insertion and during the colonic as it is the basis of relaxation.

After the insertion, the theripist secures the speculum preventing it from slipping out by having you rest on a tie that is wrapped from the speculum to under your buttocks.

This information is about the close-tube system. The open-basin system operates slightlydifferently and still very gently and simply. To understand the difference between the two systems click on Intestinal Hydrotherapies on the Navigation Bar.

I use FDA approved equipment to perform the Colon Hydrotherapy. The instrument is manufactured by Dotolo Research Corporation and is called the Toxygen Model BSC-UV. It is a closed-tube system with temperature and pressure control. Each person has his or her own set of disposable tubing and speculum that come in a germicidal pack.

Frequency of sessions
The number of sessions varies from person to person depending on goals, medical and intestinal background, and current lifestyle and intestinal state. I review the Health Questionnaire with you, answer your questions, give you the session and offer my feedback. You choose your course of sessions. Some people feel the colon hydrotherapy is a magic bullet and one session will empty them and heal them forever. Colon hydrotherapy is a therapy. Given that 88% of the public has metabolic syndrome, the therapy like psychological therapy can take some time. That means you are dedicating time in months and years to cleanse and heal your gut. Patience and perseverance are required.

Cancellation Policy
24 Hour Cancellation Is Required for Any Appointment or
You Are Charged for the Full Amount.

Insurance Coverage
The therapy is generally not covered by insurance. However, in some cases it is covered if you have a medical prescription for it. Some corporations pay for colon hydrotherapy through a fund paid into by their employees.

Educational articles are available for your further information.

Click on About Me on the Navigation Bar.
Member of the International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is not intended to replace the relationship with your primary health care providers and my consultation is not intended as medical advice. They are intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from my education, research, experience and community. As a Colon Hydrotherapist, I encourage you to be open to new information on the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy and the foundational role of diet, exercise, supplementation, stress management and emotional and mental work. I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with your primary health care providers.

The information and service provided is not used to prescribe, recommend, diagnose or treat a health problem or a disease. It is not a substitute for medical care. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your primary health care providers.

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